Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Taste With New Twist!

Old Town White Coffee? Nope, this is Old Taste White Coffee.

The shop is very clean. can give A+.

The counter.

Dont bother looking at menu.. Nothing special!

She wonder what im trying to ask her to taste.

Trust me, dont try this. Go mamak shop

Emm.. this one bolehlah. But ask for stim one.
Sad to eat that, So called Nasi goreng

This is something i really like it. Its a white coffee with Orange flavor!! Sounds special? Yes. A must try!

The she goes... Dont want to stop drinking. Located at USJ next to Pelita.

Dim Sum Puchong

* No advertisement needed for DIM SUM, Say who dont like DIM SUM. Its about where is the best DIM SUM. Let's Check this out!

* Usually when u see good food, you might go crazy. These are the some evidences.

* Looks familiar, You may see these faces in this shop on you visit.

* A must try! prawn wantan.

Another type of wantan... yum yum

* Fish cake.

* Brinjal with soy souce.

* I dont kow what to call this.. can you figure this out? anyone...?

* Fried carrot fuyoooo

* Yes! Cha siuw...

* Tausa pau. Such a nice taste... ops.. wait... this is char siew pau

* Fried pork.

* Assorted mix thingge.... but for sure i have no idea what they call this

* I hope now you understand why we choose this shop! Its plate licking good!
If you see IOIMall puchong, this shop just opposite next to Courts Puchong.. You wont miss it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nasi lemak Hilton Corner - Revisited

* Wow, its been three years, i hope the shop is still exist! This time im not alone, i have brought two chinese friends to prove my theory that the next food that im going to introduce, is the best nasi lemak in the world! Oh yes, the shop located next to Wisma Genting, so the best way to reach there, i advise you to use public transport.

* Well, it's look simple. Why its so special? dont ask me. that what i thought when i tried for the 1st time. nasi lemak biasa cost RM3.50 but if you go for fish, sotong and nasi tambah, its RM4. Ok kan?

* My friend shocked to know that its damn good!

* They have ordered second plate. Just imagine how nice the taste was?

* And they will come back again... trust me.. worth to try! HOW CHIAK!!!

Best Hokkien Mee (NEW)

* Finally, if you are a Hokkien mee lover, you going to love this! i've been to all corners of Malaysia and sadly to say almost all the Hokkien Mee that i have tried, TASTE THE SAME. Until i was recommended by my bos, another food lover like me. Introducing Happy Garden Hokkien mee.

* The best part this shop is, they use pork oil to cook, not the normal type where people use water to cook the mee. Another plus point is, they use charcoal. Check out the next pic.

* Yee ha.. the fire....

* Its nice to smell the charcoal. It reminds me those days kitchens.

* you will get different taste and according to my bos, apparently this is the actual Hokkien Mee suppose to taste. I became hard fan from the 1st day i tried. The shop open everydayfrom 4pm till 1am. Warning!! this is non halal shop. For those can eat non-halal, once you have tried, you will never go for different Hokkien Mee shop.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

  • Its been a while i never update my blog. But im back! For 2011, with new twist, new energy and more varieties.
  • Im bored of reading long blogs, talking their dream, stories and bla bla bla.. c'mon, who like to read long stories nowadays.
  • This is it! (like MJ) no more boring food, let's talk about real food here. We need good and tasty food.
  • Thinking of keeping list of best places to eat? Yes, for those who always argue with their partners when comes to choose a place to eat, including me.
  • Now, no more talking. Only eating