Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best Hokkien Mee (NEW)

* Finally, if you are a Hokkien mee lover, you going to love this! i've been to all corners of Malaysia and sadly to say almost all the Hokkien Mee that i have tried, TASTE THE SAME. Until i was recommended by my bos, another food lover like me. Introducing Happy Garden Hokkien mee.

* The best part this shop is, they use pork oil to cook, not the normal type where people use water to cook the mee. Another plus point is, they use charcoal. Check out the next pic.

* Yee ha.. the fire....

* Its nice to smell the charcoal. It reminds me those days kitchens.

* you will get different taste and according to my bos, apparently this is the actual Hokkien Mee suppose to taste. I became hard fan from the 1st day i tried. The shop open everydayfrom 4pm till 1am. Warning!! this is non halal shop. For those can eat non-halal, once you have tried, you will never go for different Hokkien Mee shop.

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