Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Place For Idli ( Restoran Premala )

Looking for hot steamy Idli in town?
My recommendation Will be Restoran Premala Cafe at Lebuh Ampang, Kl.
A good place to buy Indian sweets too.
Customer service good and friendly. Look for this man if u visiting this shop.
Environment is clean. No comments on that, but don't use their washroom. Not recommended. :)
This is the Idli that i was telling earlier. Soft and tasty.
They serve with Chicken curry. Their speciality in menu.
The outlook of the shop. Worth trying

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food testing @ Bkt Jalil Golf Resort

Hi, I'm back with my team. This time we were at Bukit jalil golf resort at Puchong.
24th august we are organizing a fund raising dinner @ Puchong. So we planned a food testing before the event
This was the 1st course, something like dim sum style. All ok accept the fish ball.
This is called yam basket with fried prawn on top. The yam was too soft.
I can't recall the name of fish, but it was so smelly. We decided to change the fish and the method of cooking.

Fried sesame chicken. the cooking method like duck style. Oklah , boleh makan.
Kailan with Belacan. My personal opinion, too salty.
So called Shark fin soup. I wonder why they added hot chili in. Not so common.
Fried Rice, which i really enjoyed.
We had a great time while tasting the foods.
let's see other's reaction after the lunch.
She really whacked, but posing as she didnt like the food. Pooda!
It's OK Peter, take your time, i know eating rice with small cup is not a easy thing to do.
Still hungry? Yenna kodumai sar ithu!

Chapati (Restoran Santa)

Looking for original chapati shop in town?
This shop located at lebuh ampang, kl specialized only in Chapati.
Chapati comes with mix vege.
With awsome Chicken varuval.
And the dal. Perfect match for chapati
Alex! Thanks for introducing this shop!
Recommended for everyone!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ipoh Hawker Stall

It's not over yet, Our last stop for dinner at Ipoh Old town.
Our Friend Subra said there is a shop selling the BEST ABC seems.

As usual, Biasalah, time was 9.30pm, everybody starving at that moment! But one person still posing.

Introducing Aunty who took order from us! Was so polite!

The 1st item, Len Che Kang! Marvelous!

2nd, Mee Curry. Super!

hehe, this is my order, Mix fruit Ais Kacang, yum yum!

Another version of curry mee.

Mee hoon soup. a must try at Ipoh!

Plain Ais kacang

The best ever, Fruit rojak, But Rm6 per plate. emm expensive ohh.

Kui tew mee, Portion is small but rich in taste!

My favorite, ikan pari bakar with kuah kacang on top.

Simply superb!

Have you ever tried raw lotus seeds? I tried for the 1st time. I wonder why people like it!

This is it! Final result, Thumbs up! Everybody satisfied!

The proof! Clean Sweep!

Khallel ( Sungai Petani)

Hi, we are back, This time from Kedah, On way back home from Aimst University, We stopped at Sunway Hotel, near by permatang Pauh.

Everybody tired, So decided to try Roti canai with dalcha! Somebody said its famous here.

let's talk about this shop, It's quite, less crowd,
Cant see something special.

I will never order tea tarik in my life! Total regret!

I never tried such a salty roti canai. My godness!

So called garing, mee goreng, but actually its a maggi goreng. Taste? Forget it!

Faces of regret!

apa punya kedai nie? Check out the next person! Shocked after tasted a spoon of mee goreng!
This shop not qualified for scoreboard!

Chemor Restoran Samy

Who not familiar with Restorant Samy at Ipoh?
This well-known shop located at Chemor. Come, let me show you what i discover there.
The shop is not so big but packed with customers.
My friends and i were on the way to Aimst University, Semiling Kedah.
Since one of my friend recommended this shop for our lunch, i decided to put on test.
See how simple it is. Like typical mamak stall.
Starving faces. Waiting for the ordered food!
Chicken Curry.. Semme rusi!! (superb taste)
Crab varuval... haaaiiii!!!
Mutton Kulambu... fantastic!!
And of course... tea tarik!
This was my plate! Hungry? heheh
My friend, Cikgu Sivagami, She don't bother things when comes to food! Keep it up hehe!
Enjoy brother!
The only thing that upset us. The Laddu's taste was not so good!
And the reaction!
Anyway, here they serve hot vadai.
Do you know how to call this? i think its Wajik!
Taste good u know!
All time famous, thairu vadai!
They bought the next shop. Still under renovation.
I think by next year, they will in full operation. A must try shop at Ipoh.
Let's check the results:
Place: 4 out of 10
Food: 7 out of 10
Environment: 5 out of 10
Customer service: 3 out of 10
Total: 7 out of 10