Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nasi lemak Hilton Corner - Revisited

* Wow, its been three years, i hope the shop is still exist! This time im not alone, i have brought two chinese friends to prove my theory that the next food that im going to introduce, is the best nasi lemak in the world! Oh yes, the shop located next to Wisma Genting, so the best way to reach there, i advise you to use public transport.

* Well, it's look simple. Why its so special? dont ask me. that what i thought when i tried for the 1st time. nasi lemak biasa cost RM3.50 but if you go for fish, sotong and nasi tambah, its RM4. Ok kan?

* My friend shocked to know that its damn good!

* They have ordered second plate. Just imagine how nice the taste was?

* And they will come back again... trust me.. worth to try! HOW CHIAK!!!

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