Monday, July 28, 2008

Cameron Highland

Alo!!! long time no story. It's ok, Now i got some good food stories to share. Worth waiting ya.

Ok.. here it goes.. last week i was to Cameron Highland, Perak. Actually, that was my 1st time experience there. The place was great, Photos not available at the moment. So sorry, i promise on my next visit, i will snap some scenery's ok? Don't worry, i managed to snap food pics.. Oh yea..

This is the hotel i stayed, Outlook only looks cool, but actually, .... *%@^#@.

As a start i decided to try the hotel's food, so my self and Novin ( eh elle, the mindsblog guy lah..)
to try out. The above pics are "Vadeh" and "Curry puffs".
Taste? emm i prefer from road site aunty's shop.
So called Tea! Dont aspect something special because it's from Cameron. Suck!
See, he got fake smile there.
Oklah let's see out site.
We came for a local social party's meeting. So we didn't get much time for sight seeing.
In fact the meeting finished around 12.30am.
we decided to drive out to hunt food. i promised Novin to bring him together. But while rushing, i forgot to call him.
That's the sad story, anyway.. let's talk about the food!
We had to drive out about 5km from Brinchang to Tanah Rata. We saw a restaurant cum apartments and hotel. Wow.
The time was 1.30am, So we shouldn't complain about food. Just the left overs.

Sorry for the picture quality. Arms are shivering due to hunger.
As a starter, i tried the Laddu. Wow, credits should go to this sweet man!
My friend started to whack the food ready.
This is the guy who do sport show in Minnal FM, Rama.
Check out this Nan! yummy...
This is what i ordered.
Check out the color. The special in this plate is on the top. Camera please zoom in.
The dish on top actually chicken on top ans mutton inside.
With Cameron's weather condition and this hot food, heaven dude!!
The place was good, environment ok, customer service emm, oklah. but food. excellent!
Shall we ask our friend's opinion?


Novinthen said...

Haha... thanks for the "intro"

Im not MINDSBLOG guy la.. Nambe enaikumey tani katchi pa..

So when we can go for another chaya session?

paul said...

Cameron highland is in the state of Pahang, not perak.

Subash Chandrabose said...

Oh , Pahang ya.. hehe.. sary.
Another caya session? can!

vickn3s said...

Engineer sir, cameron yengge ooru sir, the big kaadu..lolz...
novin, why u sesat there...chuma chumma

Subash Chandrabose said...

(kamal Slang) haa haaa.. vicky.. haa... Cameron ungge uura... haaa haaaa.. super area lah.. ahhhh

vickn3s said...

cameron nt my dog pound la, pahang is.hehe

Novinthen said...

ena kase musa nadekuthu inge!