Tuesday, August 5, 2008

KL Sentral Medan Selera

Hi guys, i didn't know that there is a food court at KL Sentral. Come, sit back relax and enjoy my journey.
I came with my friend, Gopal. Both were very hungry. So we decided to order whatever we see.
Gopal left his bag and files on one of the nearest table. Both gone different direction to order food!
I stoped at nasi ayam shop. Wow, the chicken looks good!
So i asked him, " ok ke bang?" (Translation: is the food taste good?).
He replied, " Super duper".

Yea, it looks super duper.. emm i wonder how the taste is going to be.
Chicken Chop from Gopal, Emm look good too..
And side dish, kuih Cucuk udang! With extra hot!
We both went to the table where gopal kept his bag and files,
Surprise-surprise, his bag and files were on the floor and someone else sitting at the particular table. I was so angry. But the thing is we didn't see who did that.
Anyway no point of arguing for that matter at that point, So we decided to sit at another table.
i went to grab the spoons while Gopal gone to order drinks.
Guess what? Another surprise!
The spoons are so dirty. I'm not dare to use it. I didn't snap the picture of another side of spoon.
i notice curry stain and it's not clean enough.
Adui... no mood to makan ready.
Comments about this food court?
Place: OK 4 to 10
Environment: 4 to 10
People: 2 to 10
Food: 5 to 10
Overall: 5 to 10
Personally, i don't recommend this Food Court!
Don't even try!

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