Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little Wok

Hi there, finally i managed to catch some time to update my log. well, this time, i tried my luck at wangsa walk, KL. With my friend from Spain, Juan.

This shop located 200m from Sri Rampai LRT station. Thought of want to try something new. So, decided to to try this shop.

No much choice, they provide all malaysian fusion foods like mee, asam laksa and more.
What you think about this? Butter chicken rice?
Mutton black pepper soup. Not to be missed!

Hehe, look at him, i know he cant take hot and spicy foods. I have not tell him how the food taste going to be. After 1 hour, all i can remember that he was complaining about the food!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Ranking.. Char Kui Tiew

* Yes im back. Seen this shop before? This shop use to be a hawker stall at Bukit Bintang, jalan alur.

* The shop was very clean. They have two section, smoking and non smoking. you can choose your comfort place and they are ready to pick your order.

* The waiter and waitress are very friendly. They have many varieties in their menu. But the shop's signature is one and only Char Kui Tiew.

* This is an exclusive pic from chef. The master cook of this shop

* As usual, my friend's reaction when eating , he is really enjoying it.

* Looks so lovely? You should try this!

* I like their air longan too.

* Their shop came on news paper couple of times. This shop located at Bandar Puteri, next to Puteri mart, and behind Puteri public bank. Next to Chendol baba ( my next target ).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Village Park (Nasi Lemak)

* Welcome for another great food hunt. This time my hunt was at Damansara Uptown, Village park Restaurant

* Quit packed area. The only think you have to worry about is the parking! Trust me, its very hard to get a bay, Especially around lunch hour.

* Very clean environment. Very efficient workers.
* As usual, my friends are on food test.

* I must admit. The nasi lemak here really good. Try the juicy friend chicken. Its their signature food.
* Another friend, full concentration on food. So you know lah...
  • A great food must come with great drink. Correct me if im wrong. This is air kedondong.
* Just see for you self who is the regular customer here
* ah haa.. so any personal business activities not allowed here. You may go to nearest Kopitiam.
* My conclusion, food is good, nice place and you should try!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Taste With New Twist!

Old Town White Coffee? Nope, this is Old Taste White Coffee.

The shop is very clean. can give A+.

The counter.

Dont bother looking at menu.. Nothing special!

She wonder what im trying to ask her to taste.

Trust me, dont try this. Go mamak shop

Emm.. this one bolehlah. But ask for stim one.
Sad to eat that, So called Nasi goreng

This is something i really like it. Its a white coffee with Orange flavor!! Sounds special? Yes. A must try!

The she goes... Dont want to stop drinking. Located at USJ next to Pelita.