Monday, August 18, 2008

Chemor Restoran Samy

Who not familiar with Restorant Samy at Ipoh?
This well-known shop located at Chemor. Come, let me show you what i discover there.
The shop is not so big but packed with customers.
My friends and i were on the way to Aimst University, Semiling Kedah.
Since one of my friend recommended this shop for our lunch, i decided to put on test.
See how simple it is. Like typical mamak stall.
Starving faces. Waiting for the ordered food!
Chicken Curry.. Semme rusi!! (superb taste)
Crab varuval... haaaiiii!!!
Mutton Kulambu... fantastic!!
And of course... tea tarik!
This was my plate! Hungry? heheh
My friend, Cikgu Sivagami, She don't bother things when comes to food! Keep it up hehe!
Enjoy brother!
The only thing that upset us. The Laddu's taste was not so good!
And the reaction!
Anyway, here they serve hot vadai.
Do you know how to call this? i think its Wajik!
Taste good u know!
All time famous, thairu vadai!
They bought the next shop. Still under renovation.
I think by next year, they will in full operation. A must try shop at Ipoh.
Let's check the results:
Place: 4 out of 10
Food: 7 out of 10
Environment: 5 out of 10
Customer service: 3 out of 10
Total: 7 out of 10

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Raaja said...

one of my fav place... :) best food