Friday, October 31, 2008

Facts on Boiling Water

A pharmacist report from Singapore that warning people NEVER keep boiling your drinking water!!
Report Summary: TOP harmful chemical named (Toxic Nitrate) was produced in water when keep boiling it!! This harmful substance had been proved will increase the chances of intestines cancer and stomach cancer.
IF currently you like to use "WATER DISPENSER with WARM / HOT WATER Functions" or "Electric AUTO keep warm Thermos" for your convenience,
STOP IT NOW otherwise you would suicide yourself slowly as well as your loved one!!
NOWADAY, there are so many drinking water company that OFFER FREE WATER DISPENSER when you order drinking water from them! THINK WISELY before you order!
YOU might get FREE water dispenser but in fact would be paid out your OWN HEALTH!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lobster Village (Langkawi)

If you are in Langkawi, is best to look for Seafood. My wife and not a big fan of Malay Food! In fact its not easy to find proper indian food! In langkawi, if you see any shops with colourful light in front of shop then its a malay shop. We spent 2 hours for searching restaurant. Then ended up at Kuah town. But lucky, we found best seafood shop ever. If you are at Kuah town, look for petronas station. This shop called Lobster village. Just opposite petrol station.

I forgotten to snap the shop's signboard.
Surprise!! Its cheap! The best part, the seafood are very very fresh.
I recommend this! Lovely!
Two thumbs up! The butter prawn.

Baby kailan Belacan! Superooo super.
I was starving. Paham-pahamlah, it will take time in seafood shops.
She finished the most portion.
The waitress was very friendly. A good customer service!
If you are at Langkawi, Don't miss this place!

Langkawi's Mamak Shop

Look at tittle, Famous Penang Nasi Kandar.
I think they shouldnt compare Penang nasi kandar.

This is their Nasi Kandar with chicken!@#$!

Their Mee goreng mamak, lemm, my grand mother can cook well!

Air Asia part 2

OKlah, honestly, there is one place in LCCT where you will find one tasty nasi lemak.
It's next to departure counter. Each RM3.00. I really enjoyed the taste but its little bit sweet.

What can i say, the taste like in 1985 where you buy from Malay auntie.

AIR ASIA's So Called Nasi Lemak!

Hi Guys,
This time i really going to complain about AIR ASIA!
Me and my wife planned to spend some time in Langkawi. So We booked AIR ASIA flight via online and i decided to book breakfast on flight. The journey just 45min but one of my friend (from middle east) told me that nasi lemak from AIR ASIA taste good! It cost RM7.00. But sack of trying, i decided to tryout.

When we were in plane, no one inform us that where to or how to get the set because they started to sell the breakfast. Since its our 1st time, we were just waiting for them to pass it to us.
10 minutes before landing, i just asked by my self. Then they gave me "THIS". Adui!!!

My personal advice for those who wanted to tryout this, Don't waste your money!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top 6 Myths About Bottled Water

Bottled water — already a more than $10 billion industry — is the fastest-growing beverage category in the U.S. But is it good for you? Here's the pure truth.

MYTH #1:BOTTLED WATER IS BETTER THAN TAP. Not necessarily. While labels gush about bottled water that "begins as snowflakes" or flows from "deep inside lush green volcanoes," between 25 and 40 percent of bottled water comes from a less exotic source: U.S. municipal water supplies. (Bottling companies buy the water and filter it, and some add minerals.) That's not really a bad thing: The Environmental Protection Agency oversees municipal water quality, while the Food and Drug Administration monitors bottled water; in some cases, EPA codes are more stringent.

MYTH #2:PURIFIED WATER TASTES BETTER. The "purest" water — distilled water with all minerals and salts removed — tastes flat; it's the sodium, calcium, magnesium, and chlorides that give water its flavor. The "off" taste of tap water is the chlorine; if you refrigerate it in a container with a loose-fitting lid, the chlorine taste will be gone overnight.

MYTH #3:BOTTLED WATER WITH VITAMINS, MINERALS, OR PROTEIN IS MORE HEALTHY THAN REGULAR WATER. "Vitamins, color, herbs, protein, and all the other additions to water — those are a marketing ploy," says Marion Nestle, Ph.D., professor of nutrition studies at New York University. Plus, the additives are usually a scant serving of the vitamins you really need in a day, adds Amy Subar, Ph.D., a nutritionist with the National Cancer Institute. Enhanced waters usually contain sugars and artificial flavorings to sweeten the deal and can pack more calories than diet soda. When it comes to providing fluoride, tap water usually wins, though that element is increasingly being added to bottled waters.

MYTH #4:YOU NEED EIGHT 8-OUNCE GLASSES OF WATER EACH DAY.The Institute of Medicine recommends about 91 ounces (a little more than 11 8-ounce glasses) of fluid daily for women. But here's the thing: It expects 80 percent of that to come from water, juice, coffee, tea, or other beverages and the remaining 20 percent from food. That means if you drink a 12-ounce cup of coffee and a 12-ounce can of diet soda, you only need 48 more ounces (three 16-ounce glasses, or four soda cans' worth) for the day.

MYTH #5:AFTER AN INTENSE WORKOUT, BOTTLED WATER IS BEST.There's a reason volunteers hand out Gatorade during marathons. If your workout lasts longer than an hour, you need to replace the water and electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, that you've lost (that's what sports drinks generally do). For less intense workouts, regular water is fine.

MYTH #6:WATER BOTTLES ARE EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT BECAUSE THEY CAN BE RECYCLED.Wouldn't it be nice? And it's not just the bottles. Eco-costs include manufacturing trucking, shelving, and marketing. And meeting the annual U.S. demand for plastic bottles requires enough oil to keep 100,000 cars on the road for a year, says Janet Larsen of the Earth Policy Institute. Sure, the 70 million empty water bottles the U.S. produces per day can be recycled, but the sad truth is, about 86 percent of them end up in the trash. Hardly worth it, for what flows out of the tap and into a reusable glass for free.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sri Pandi (Lebuh Ampang)

A another well known name in town.
Let's try on this. I know i might critic about their service.
You see these men? They will call you to enter to their shop. Forcibly!!
OK lah, not so bad. But the smell of oil, uhh can't take it.
What a mess, is that chicken curry or rasam?

Chicken varuval, please don't try!
Sambal Sotong. This was good. Spicy.
No mood to order more. Decided to just eat and leave the place because earlier my friends and i saw a cockroach above ceiling. Scary!!
We kinda fed up with their bill. We don't mind paying extra more if is tasty.
At the moment, bye bye for this restaurant!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Place For Idli ( Restoran Premala )

Looking for hot steamy Idli in town?
My recommendation Will be Restoran Premala Cafe at Lebuh Ampang, Kl.
A good place to buy Indian sweets too.
Customer service good and friendly. Look for this man if u visiting this shop.
Environment is clean. No comments on that, but don't use their washroom. Not recommended. :)
This is the Idli that i was telling earlier. Soft and tasty.
They serve with Chicken curry. Their speciality in menu.
The outlook of the shop. Worth trying

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food testing @ Bkt Jalil Golf Resort

Hi, I'm back with my team. This time we were at Bukit jalil golf resort at Puchong.
24th august we are organizing a fund raising dinner @ Puchong. So we planned a food testing before the event
This was the 1st course, something like dim sum style. All ok accept the fish ball.
This is called yam basket with fried prawn on top. The yam was too soft.
I can't recall the name of fish, but it was so smelly. We decided to change the fish and the method of cooking.

Fried sesame chicken. the cooking method like duck style. Oklah , boleh makan.
Kailan with Belacan. My personal opinion, too salty.
So called Shark fin soup. I wonder why they added hot chili in. Not so common.
Fried Rice, which i really enjoyed.
We had a great time while tasting the foods.
let's see other's reaction after the lunch.
She really whacked, but posing as she didnt like the food. Pooda!
It's OK Peter, take your time, i know eating rice with small cup is not a easy thing to do.
Still hungry? Yenna kodumai sar ithu!

Chapati (Restoran Santa)

Looking for original chapati shop in town?
This shop located at lebuh ampang, kl specialized only in Chapati.
Chapati comes with mix vege.
With awsome Chicken varuval.
And the dal. Perfect match for chapati
Alex! Thanks for introducing this shop!
Recommended for everyone!