Friday, January 14, 2011

Dim Sum Puchong

* No advertisement needed for DIM SUM, Say who dont like DIM SUM. Its about where is the best DIM SUM. Let's Check this out!

* Usually when u see good food, you might go crazy. These are the some evidences.

* Looks familiar, You may see these faces in this shop on you visit.

* A must try! prawn wantan.

Another type of wantan... yum yum

* Fish cake.

* Brinjal with soy souce.

* I dont kow what to call this.. can you figure this out? anyone...?

* Fried carrot fuyoooo

* Yes! Cha siuw...

* Tausa pau. Such a nice taste... ops.. wait... this is char siew pau

* Fried pork.

* Assorted mix thingge.... but for sure i have no idea what they call this

* I hope now you understand why we choose this shop! Its plate licking good!
If you see IOIMall puchong, this shop just opposite next to Courts Puchong.. You wont miss it!

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