Monday, July 14, 2008


Alo.. long time no see.. heheh. Are you a banana leaf food lover? Check this out!

If you around Jalan Ipoh, Sentul or even around Tanggavaal Indian Pub in City,
Don't miss this Cafe. MADRAS!
It's not so far from city, if you know how to go to Dynasty Hotel and Pacific hotel, then this restaurant just next to Mathuras shop.
Place.. Classic! excellent. Check out the dimmed light!
All right, all look great, how about the food?
Yum-yum.. look at the colors.
This is Madras Chicken. Spicy. Taste? Gooood!
This is Mutton Varuval. My mouth watery now hehe..
The best of the best, their "VENTAYA KULAMBU".
Dont miss the Spicy coly flower. Hot!!
And their trade mark, Madras Coffee! Once you drink this, you wont ask for white coffee
or black coffee even nescafe!
Ok let's do the grading.
Place = 7 to 10
Environment= 8 to 10
Food= 7 to 10
overall= 8 to 10

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Novinthen said...

aiseh. ena boss ninge. why neever bring me along :( .. That day after AGM we could have gone rite :D..