Monday, August 18, 2008

Ipoh Hawker Stall

It's not over yet, Our last stop for dinner at Ipoh Old town.
Our Friend Subra said there is a shop selling the BEST ABC seems.

As usual, Biasalah, time was 9.30pm, everybody starving at that moment! But one person still posing.

Introducing Aunty who took order from us! Was so polite!

The 1st item, Len Che Kang! Marvelous!

2nd, Mee Curry. Super!

hehe, this is my order, Mix fruit Ais Kacang, yum yum!

Another version of curry mee.

Mee hoon soup. a must try at Ipoh!

Plain Ais kacang

The best ever, Fruit rojak, But Rm6 per plate. emm expensive ohh.

Kui tew mee, Portion is small but rich in taste!

My favorite, ikan pari bakar with kuah kacang on top.

Simply superb!

Have you ever tried raw lotus seeds? I tried for the 1st time. I wonder why people like it!

This is it! Final result, Thumbs up! Everybody satisfied!

The proof! Clean Sweep!

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anits said...

Ipoh mali mesti bagus! The food are tempting yummy!