Monday, August 18, 2008

Khallel ( Sungai Petani)

Hi, we are back, This time from Kedah, On way back home from Aimst University, We stopped at Sunway Hotel, near by permatang Pauh.

Everybody tired, So decided to try Roti canai with dalcha! Somebody said its famous here.

let's talk about this shop, It's quite, less crowd,
Cant see something special.

I will never order tea tarik in my life! Total regret!

I never tried such a salty roti canai. My godness!

So called garing, mee goreng, but actually its a maggi goreng. Taste? Forget it!

Faces of regret!

apa punya kedai nie? Check out the next person! Shocked after tasted a spoon of mee goreng!
This shop not qualified for scoreboard!

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