Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food testing @ Bkt Jalil Golf Resort

Hi, I'm back with my team. This time we were at Bukit jalil golf resort at Puchong.
24th august we are organizing a fund raising dinner @ Puchong. So we planned a food testing before the event
This was the 1st course, something like dim sum style. All ok accept the fish ball.
This is called yam basket with fried prawn on top. The yam was too soft.
I can't recall the name of fish, but it was so smelly. We decided to change the fish and the method of cooking.

Fried sesame chicken. the cooking method like duck style. Oklah , boleh makan.
Kailan with Belacan. My personal opinion, too salty.
So called Shark fin soup. I wonder why they added hot chili in. Not so common.
Fried Rice, which i really enjoyed.
We had a great time while tasting the foods.
let's see other's reaction after the lunch.
She really whacked, but posing as she didnt like the food. Pooda!
It's OK Peter, take your time, i know eating rice with small cup is not a easy thing to do.
Still hungry? Yenna kodumai sar ithu!


tulipspeaks said...

been there once for upm alumni dinner but i can't remember what i ate that day.. busy cuci mata :-|


Novinthen said...

hahah.. hemaaa.. ena kodumai saar ithu!!