Monday, June 30, 2008

Water Lily Cafe

Heard of Water lily Cafe? Our blog visitor John recommended me
to visit this cafe and give some comments. Since its near to my place, i brought my family for dinner.
The time was 9pm. We were hungry too. My daughter started to make noise ready.
Wow.. that's what the word came our from my wife's mouth.
It was a nice place with classic malay&bali fusion.
The things that i monitor in cafes, Yes, the place is clean and the environment, awesome!

No comments on customer service. Excellent!
I didn't wait for longer hour for my ordered food.
My daughter lost patient. :)
Let's talk about food!
My self i ordered for Nasi lemak with ayam.
Translation: Fat rice (huh?) with chicken.
I gave 8 out of 10.
My wife ordered Fried Ciabatta Chicken with potatoes.
She gave 7 out of 10.
My daughter?....
Mushroom soup with garlic bread!
points? she said something that i don't understand, but i believe she loved it.
There is something i would like to highlight here. We ordered something special
we gave 10 out of 10.
a must try if you visit there.
PS: Lovely place, clean environment and good food!
personal recommendation!
சாப்பட்டு ராமன்
ஐயா! சாப்படு எல்லாம் ஒகே தான், அதே நேரத்திலே, எதோ பெருமைக்கு எல்லாத்தியும் வாங்கி பின்னே சாப்பிட முடியாமல் கஷ்டம் படாதே! பார்த்தேன் உன்னை, yam cake வீட்டிலே தூங்குது! நாற்றம் வருமுன் வீசிவிடு செல்லம்!

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