Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Cooking ( Family Gathering )

Nothing can beat home cooking. Yesterday my family members gathered for birthday celebration.
Check out the foods.. emm
Not much food because of it was a lunch. let's start with my favorite food now.
I cant recall what rice it is but i believe it's tomato rice.
emmmmm what a smell! fantastic.
This is "sambal udang".
Translation: shrimp chili paste.
My favorite.. yum yum..
I think this is Chicken Rendang.
A Malay style of chicken dish.
This is fish sambal.
Translation: fish chili paste.
Caution: Extra Hot!!
The gathering was good everyone enjoyed!
And the party's organizer's comments?
Tanuja: hey, still got alot... come try!!
PS: When is the next gathering?


renuka said...

i think i know Tanuja, is she from indonesia rite?

Subash Chandrabose said...

ah? orang malaysia lah sister...