Monday, June 30, 2008

Central Market Food Court!

Central Market, located in the heart of city, KL. Have you ever been to the food court on 1st floor? Last Saturday i was there and decided to try out what the Central market can offer me.
It was not so crowded and the prices are reasonable.

It's clean rite? yes! But the sad thing is they don't have many variety.
9 out of 10 are Malay foods.
Strange, look at the signboard, its Melaka corner, but selling Thai dishes.
So i decided to order something that i haven't try before.
This is "Nasi Goreng Mangga".
Translation: Mango Friend Rice.
Nothing special about the rice. It's just the fried rice with mango! Haiiii....
it comes with a small bowl of soup. No taste at all.
Rose Milk. The only thing that i enjoyed.
Conclusion: neeep!! Not recommended. It's not value for money. Try somewhere else!
My Friend's Comments?
No matter good or no good, they always smile on photos!
சாப்பட்டு ராமன்
ஒரு உண்மையே சொல்லெட்டா! இந்தே கடைக்கு போகுறதே புன்னியம் இல்லை, எங்கு பார்த்தாலும் ஒரே வாடை. சகிக்க முடியவில்லை! இது ஒரு சமூக சேவை. வருமுன் காப்போம்!

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