Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Its A Duck Story

When i was at Sri Petaling, Bukit jalil, i saw a newly open shop called Macau chicken and duck rice shop. As you all know, i see any new things to eat, i never miss it one...I tried, it was totally different experience lah..

Oklah.. The shop is new, so the place is very very clean.. Trust me!
Such a good environment.

The food? Yum yum... not bad lah.. You know what makes the rice taste good?
yea.. the chili.

Would you like to introduce me to your favorite place?
Post me some comments.


Anonymous said...

Hi.., I got ur link from email. Nice blog, but can you elaborate more about the chicken and duck rice there?

What's the speciality? Since all I see is it's only fried chicken. :D

Thank yeah!

Thiru said...

Dude, you should be a host for food show... apply now... you can eat while getting paid and get to travel...