Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun Time With Chee Cheong Fun

Where i found? yea.. the same old 3rd floor. I know, we hate that place but, what choice that we have. Anyway, i found this "Chee Cheong Fun" from a Chinese aunty shop. Let's check it out!

The things to do Chee Cheong Fun.

I have no idea how to call this but i believe this is tofu.

Fish balls and again Tofu!

Err.. Ah. This is koi tew, A type of Chinese mee

And the Secret of Chee Cheong Fun, is the sauce.
Its a mix of soy sauce with prawn paste.

And of course, some add on things like sesame seed, oil, and chili

Yum-Yum!!!!! yea.. looks good ah... try one today.
What our friend's comment?

CUN!!! Macam Bunga!
Translation: Beautiful like flower!
ehh??? Flower?

PS: dei Nigel, you face reaction telling us that you are tired of eating this right?

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