Monday, July 7, 2008

Home Thosai

Yea.. We've seen about Thosai before, but do you know about home thosai?
What's the different between shop thosai and home thosai?

Ok, This is shop thosai, it's large and crispy.
The thing is you wont taste the real thosai taste due do it become very thin.

It's look very dry right? That's the point! curry wont stick on thosai.

This is home thosai, It's thick, and fit to the plate.
Let's do a closer look.

Look, the curry really mix with thosai, yum yum

So remember, if you order thosai, go for home thosai!


tulipspeaks said...

thosai araichi! *wink wink


anits said...

wow so tempting