Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Al-Azman Shah ( MAMAK SHOP )

You like to hang around at mamak stall?
This time i visited a mamak stall near lebuh ampang,
a shop called Al-Azman Shah, facing the main road, Jalan Tun Perak.

I'm not joking, this is serious. The workers are able to speak Tamil,
but when i speak in Tamil, they reply in malay.
I can't get it. what's wrong with this people?
Anyway, lets look at environment and customer service.
I have decided not to paste the photos of environment. It might stop you
to visit this shop. The customer service? I am ordering to one person and he is ordering to another person. yeuuk! Regret!
Let's look at food!

Nothing much i ordered, as usual, rice, chicken curry, vege, fried chicken and lime ice drink.
Impressive? emm.. the story continues...

Look at the food. You feel want to eat it?

So called vege, cabbage, the only vege they selling.

Fried Chicken? Too salty. The lime drink? i saw the lime in cup but i think i drank sky juice.
Guess how much that food cost? RM6.00!!! Disappointed!
I don't mind paying more if the food is good.
My personal points on this shop...


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tulipspeaks said...

u promo ur watch in the end? :P