Thursday, June 19, 2008

Italian Passion ( The Real Passion )

I am not talking about The Pizza Hut here!!

How many shops nowadays serving true Italian experience?

So i have decided to test a Shop!

Introducing " The Little Italy "

Located just opposite IOI Mall Puchong and behind of maybank.

The owner of Little Italy, Mr. Jeffrey Foo. He is friendly and very knowledgeable about Italian foods.

Perfect place for family dining. But hang on..
How about for couples?

Serious!! Seats on the boat. Or shall i say Love Boat?

OK, the place is clean and the environment looks cool,
how about food then?

The Hawaiian Pizza! Simply superb! You will ignore Pizza Hut!

A Must try Mushroom Soup. After trying this soup, i will never try the rest.
This was recommended by Mr. Jeffrey.

Want to see my daughter's reaction after having the soup?


There still more. you should try their Bruschetta. Heavenly!

My Comments?

Dêem-me café, vou escrever!
Translation: Give me coffee, I´m going to write

So Dave.. it's time for CUTi - CUTi Malaysia. The true Italian Mafia

PS: Actually Italians are Indians!

சாப்பாட்டு ராமன்

செல்லம்..நம்ம சாப்பாட்டை விட்டுட்டு வெள்ளக்கார சாப்பாடு கேட்குதா?
கஸ்மாலம்..கம்பி ப்ருஸ். சாப்பிடுரது பருப்பு கறி pizza வேணுமோ? இப்பே சொல்றேன் கேள். தயிர் சாதத்திலே வெங்காயம் போட்டு, பச்சை மிளகாய் போட்டு உப்பு போட்டு, சும்மா ஒரு புடி புடிச்சா.. அட அட அட.. செம்ம ருசி!
செல்லம்.. ஐ லவ் யு டா!


chaitanya said...

It is rare to see Indian writting comments on food. Bravo!! I liked ur site.. and am going through now.

Subash Chandrabose said...

Thanks For your comments! This is really encouraging me to write more!