Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Village Park (Nasi Lemak)

* Welcome for another great food hunt. This time my hunt was at Damansara Uptown, Village park Restaurant

* Quit packed area. The only think you have to worry about is the parking! Trust me, its very hard to get a bay, Especially around lunch hour.

* Very clean environment. Very efficient workers.
* As usual, my friends are on food test.

* I must admit. The nasi lemak here really good. Try the juicy friend chicken. Its their signature food.
* Another friend, full concentration on food. So you know lah...
  • A great food must come with great drink. Correct me if im wrong. This is air kedondong.
* Just see for you self who is the regular customer here
* ah haa.. so any personal business activities not allowed here. You may go to nearest Kopitiam.
* My conclusion, food is good, nice place and you should try!

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