Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chili Pan Mee!

Hi ,Finally after a very long break, I'm back with superb food I'm going to introduce to you.
It's called Pan Mee, Should i say Chili Pan Mee! The original Shop was at Batu road. I believe this is their third shop after their other shops are at Kepong and some are around KL.
I have been to Batu Road shop in year 2003. The shop was introduced by my ex-IT Manager. I badly fallen love with Chili Pan Mee on my first try. After 6 years later, i discovered their branch at USJ Taipan. That's miracle because the original taste is still as what i have tasted. Well, let's see how's the shop is.
As usual, i always emphasize on location, clean, and the way food cooked, time taken to serve and of course the waiters. No complains on that. Just the waiters don't understand BM or English. I believe they from China.

You wont have much variety to order foods and drinks. They only sell 4 types of pan mee and 3 types of drinks, They have Chili Pan Mee, Sup Pan Mee, Curry Pan Mee and another one i missed it. When comes to drinks, they serve Amra juice, Chinese tea, leong sui and ready made Teh tarik which i dont recommend. So today i ordered Chili Pan Mee since i liked it. Together i invited my friend, Dharmindran to try out. He excited with my Pan Mee experience and he didn't know that he might blow his @$$ because of the hot and spicy.

The secret recipe of Pan Mee. The dry chili.
Caution!! Always remember how much you need for your Mee. For me at least three scoops.

When they serve, i usually ask extra half boiled eggs. This to give you extra thickness to Pan Mee.
This is after i mix it all.

Our friend was ready to go! I warned him about consequences. But he said, " itu belakang kita cerita". ya, it's all about belakang story.

This was my bowl. It was soooo Hot and Spicy. I had to order Amra juice to cool down my stomach.

This was my friend's bowl. i told him don't add more soup on it. But pity him. He just can't take the hot.

Always remember, You might need this Amra juice. Just in case.

Anyway, we enjoyed the food. for those use to eat the soup type, try Chili Pan Mee.