Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MC-D (Masjid Jamek)

Ok I was hungry. My colleague Careena said she want to go to Mc-d.
A middle east colleague also wanted to join. We started our journey to Masjid jamek's Mac-d.

Look good? Let's check it out! Warning, fast food not good for health!
Is there something new to try? Other than Big Mc and Mc Chicken?

What? Double Spicy Chicken? with Onion?
Wait, yes, its not deluxe chicken.

Check out the environment, not so crowded! It's clean.

Customer service? Cool!! Now that is friendly service!
Now let's look at food!

This is the set that i ordered, comes with onion ring and orange.

Wow, yum yum...
Careena, what you think about this?

Err.. nevermind. Loose!
How's the burger,

Honestly, its much more better than zinger burger from KFC. A must try!

Looks good? yea its crispy. Careena, You wanna try one?

Err... Loose.. loose!

Really good, its taste better than burger king's onion ring.
Sounds like i will go to Burger King soon!
Careena, What you ordered?

Err.. no comments..

She ordered fillet o fish, she was so hungry so i didn't get the chance to ask her comments.
So, the points!
shop: 8 of 10
Environment: 9 to 10
Food: 9 to 10
overall: 9 to 10
Careena, would you like to add more on this?

NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!

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